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I would go to jail with only boys,

just to prove I was as tough as you

THE chick rock community
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7 year bitch, alanis morissette, albums, ani difranco, annie lennox, anything, atari teenage riot, babes in toyland, bif naked, bikini kill, bjork, bratmobile, brody, cat power, chick rock, chicks on speed, concerts, controller controller, courtney love, cyndi lauper, d'arcy, darling violetta, devotchkas, dreseden dolls, elastica, emilie autumn, evanescense, everything, feist, female musicians, finding music, fiona apple, frou frou, garbage, giant drag, girl bands, girls, girls in a coma, girlschool, go betty go!, goldfrapp, gravy train!!!!, guitar, gwen stefani, hole, huggy bear, human waste project, icons, indie, jack off jill, janet weiss, janis joplin, jill sobule, joan jett, joni mitchell, karen o, kathleen hannah, kittie, kleenex, l7, lacuna coil, ladytron, lauryn hill, le tigre, letters to cleo, liliput, liz phair, lullacry, lunachicks, lyrics, madonna, meg white, megan slankard, melissa etheridge, melt banana, metric, missy elliot, missy higgins, mixtapes, morcheeba, music, nazis from mars, nico, no doubt, otep, patti smith, pj harvey, poe, pretty girls make graves, punk, records, releases, rock, sahara hotnights, sarah griesser, sarah harmer, sarah mclachlan, shirley manson, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, sleater-kinney, something for kate, sonic youth, tegan & sara, tegan and sara, the bangles, the birthday massacre, the breeders, the cranberries, the distillers, the ditty bops, the donnas, the epoxies, the go gos, the gossip, the horrorpops, the organ, the pixies, the slits, the yeah yeah yeahs, tracy chapman, tsunami bomb, tura satana, veruca salt, vice squad, vinyl, women, x-ray spex, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, yoko ono