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the gossip

hey! check out the gossip!

For the past five years this Portland, OR via Arkansas trio have been creating dance floor madness with their bluesy, soulful, down n' dirty, garage-punk rock & roll. With their attention to art, change, fashion, and the underground so apparent, The Gossip can easily fill any resume as artists, poets, writers, feminists, designers, musicians, and DJs. New drummer Hannah Blilie (Shoplifting, ex-Chromatics) joins booming vocalist Beth Ditto and guitarist Brace Paine (Die Monitr Batss) for the most rhythmic, jagged, thundering, punk and R&B hybrid around. With Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) lending his magic to the mixing board, this is the fiercest and most focused Gossip release yet. If you're lucky you've already caught them on tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Erase Errata, Stereo Total, White Stripes, Sonic Youth, or Sleater Kinney. All tracks clean. Start with # 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9.

here's an mp3:"standing in the way of control"

"the gossip on myspace"
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